Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair

Disposal Repair Tips

If the unit jams/hums…

  1. Turn the unit off. After turning the unit off, remove anything that has fallen into the grinding chamber.
  2. Turn the unit off. After turning the unit off, insert an “unjamming” tool into the bottom and turn clockwise. Once the tool turns freely, remove whatever was causing the jam.
  3. If the unit is dead, press the red reset button located on the bottom of the disposal – if the unit begins to hum and the reset trips again, it is still jammed. Repeat step #2 and #3.
  • Tech Tip – Always run water in the sink when you operate the unit.

Garbage Disposal Tips

  • Use your garbage disposal often to eliminate waste buildup under your sink.
  • Daily electricity usage of a garbage disposal unit is small, about that of running an electric iron, but for a much shorter amount of time.
  • Daily water use varies, but is usually comparable to flushing a toilet once or twice/day.
  • Cold water should always be kept running while the garbage disposal is in use.
  • Garbage disposal units used in conjunction with a septic system will add to the total load of the system and may cause more frequent septic dumping.
  • Be careful what you feed into your garbage disposal unit. Hard matter such as chicken bones can wedge themselves in preventing normal use of the unit.

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